Corporate governance

Corporate governance ensures the sound management of our company’s affairs. We are committed to good, efficient and responsible management of our company, safeguarding the rights of all our stakeholders. Delta Lloyd is subject to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. 

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for managing Delta Lloyd under the supervision of the Supervisory Board. Members of the Executive Board:

  • David Knibbe (chairman)
  • Clifford Abrahams
  • Annemarie Mijer
  • Leon van Riet
  • Dorothee van Vredenburch

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board advises and supervises the Executive Board in carrying out its duties and monitors the policies and affairs of Delta Lloyd and its affiliated businesses. Members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Rob Ruijter (chairman)
  • Jan-Hendrik Erasmus
  • Lard Friese
  • Delfin Rueda
  • Clara Streit

Organisational structure and shares

The most important bodies within our corporate governance structure are the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders. Delta Lloyd’s share capital comprises ordinary shares, preference shares A and protective preference shares. 

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Voting policy

Delta Lloyd actively exercises its voting rights as a shareholder. Wherever possible, we vote at the general meetings of listed companies in which we hold an interest of 5% or more, or a capital interest of € 10 million or more. 

Voting policy


Our corporate governance model and related policy framework are key building blocks for Delta Lloyd’s corporate governance. Our corporate governance guidelines state the objectives, responsibilities and authority structure of our various business units. All policy documents are electronically accessible and are updated periodically.  


Retention period

All (price-sensitive) publications such as annual reports and press releases are governed by a retention period of at least ten years. Once the retention period of a publication has expired, it is subject to review whether the period for that particular publication should be renewed. Only the most up-to-date information is posted for other types of documents (regulations, strategy, CVs).


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