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Recommended public cash offer by NN Group for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Delta Lloyd

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    22-02-2017 | 17:59   Shares

    Interim financial results Q3 2016

    Solvency II standard formula (SF) ratio

    Q3 2016


    -8 pp to HY 2015

    Operational Expenses

    Q3 2016

    447 mln

    -18 mln to Q3 2015

    Interim dividend per share



    Closer to the customer

    Our ‘Closer to the customer’ strategy allows us to focus on offering convenient and sustainable solutions that help our customers manage uncertainty.


    Clients naturally have a choice in where and how they obtain their financial services. We make sure we give them sufficient options

    • 66% Life
    • 20% General
    • 9% Bank
    • 5% Asset Management
    In the Netherlands, the Delta Lloyd brand focuses mainly on providing group pensions, as well as life insurance products through independent financial advisors. We also sell life insurance under the ABN AMRO Verzekeringen brand, and our OHRA brand sells insurance products directly to retail customers online. In Belgium, individual and group life insurance are sold under the Delta Lloyd brand.
    Delta Lloyd offers a broad range of general insurance products for retail and corporate customers, mainly in the Netherlands. These are distributed through various partners, including independent advisors, authorized agents, ABN AMRO bank branches and brokers.
    The banking activities of Delta Lloyd in the Netherlands centre around mortgages and so-called ‘banksparen’ products – tax efficient savings. These are distributed through our sales channels. Mid 2015, Delta Lloyd sold their Belgian banking business to Anbang group. A distribution agreement between Delta Lloyd Life and the bank is in place.
    Delta Lloyd Asset Management is an independent asset manager that manages the assets of our various business lines. It also offers a range of investment funds for institutional and retail customers and discretionary mandates for institutional customers.
    Life 66% General 20% Bank 9% Asset Management 5%



    Offer NN Group

    NN Group is making an all-cash public offer of EUR 5.40 (cum dividend) for all issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Delta Lloyd with the aim to create a well-diversified leader in the Dutch pensions, life and non-life insurance and banking sectors, with a strong asset management platform, attractive international presence, ample growth opportunities and appealing customer propositions. This offer is supported and recommended by the Delta Lloyd Executive Board and the Delta Lloyd Supervisory Board.

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    Delta Lloyd in society

    Delta Lloyd Foundation

    Delta Lloyd Foundation is committed to promoting financial literacy and awareness. Many people get into financial difficulty or are unwittingly less well off because they don’t know how to manage their money. We want to help them increase their financial know-how and improve their situation.

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