Contributing to the development of our employees and of society in general, to profitable economic growth and to a healthy environment are all part of our vision on sustainability. We strive to combine business opportunities and our financial obligations with due care and attention for all our stakeholders: our shareholders, the government, community, employees, customers, suppliers and organisations.

Five pillars

Customer interest
Sound financial health is the most important condition for being able to offer future generations stability and security. But to sustain long-term success we must also listen to our customers and offer products and services that meet their needs, hopes and expectations.
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Acting with integrity and being a respectable business partner are essential for Delta Lloyd.
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Community involvement
Delta Lloyd makes an effort to improve the lives of underprivileged people. The Delta Lloyd Foundation helps people who have trouble organizing their finances by promoting financial self-reliance and awareness.
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Good employer
We are convinced that investing in the training, development and well-being of our people is crucial for a sustainable future.
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A healthy environment is very important to Delta Lloyd. That’s why we make sure our business activities do not negatively impact the environment.
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Sustainable Impact programme

Delta Lloyd launched its Sustainable Impact programme in 2014. The programme sharpens our sustainability policy with regards to our branding, organisation and investing, and finds ways to bring various sustainability initiatives together into a coherent whole.

We expanded our investment policy with a specific policy for countries and are honing our theme and sector policies.

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Guidelines and labels

Our sustainability policy is based on five globally-recognised priorities. In deciding these priorities, we looked at laws, rules and guidelines and considered what other companies are doing. And of course we listened to what our clients and investors asked.

Guidelines and labels

Sustainable Dialogues

Delta Lloyd has been organising a series of dialogues on sustainability since 2013. We want to use them to gain insight into the latest developments and trends, while at the same time encouraging feedback on Delta Lloyd’s vision and policy in relation to sustainability themes. We are also using them to build up a network of relevant experts and stakeholders. The discussions cover subjects that are relevant to us as insurers and which we can influence: poverty and debt, water and wind power, impact and investments.



Delta Lloyd uses the guidelines for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to report on our sustainability efforts and activities. We attach great importance to measuring our economic, environmental and social performance against these guidelines and reporting on it. The aim of GRI is to encourage even more companies worldwide to report transparently. Our annual report gives an integrated picture of our financial and non-financial results. GRI rated it with an A+.


The Environmental, Social and Governance Committee meets every other month to discuss sustainability topics and issues. It can be reached via:

Delta Lloyd Foundation

Marie-Louise Voors
 +31 (0)20-5942544
+31 (0)6-20499209

Responsible Investment

Hiske Boerma
+31 (0)20-5942457
+31 (0)6-10203298


David Hoppe
 +31 (0)20-5942177
+31 (0)6-83630019